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Look at me, Ace!

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❝ It turns out procrastination is not typically a function of laziness, apathy or work ethic as it is often regarded to be. It’s a neurotic self-defense behavior that develops to protect a person’s sense of self-worth.

You see, procrastinators tend to be people who have, for whatever reason, developed to perceive an unusually strong association between their performance and their value as a person. This makes failure or criticism disproportionately painful, which leads naturally to hesitancy when it comes to the prospect of doing anything that reflects their ability — which is pretty much everything. ❞

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please read!


hi hello guys!!

so my class entered a short movie competition and in order to win the ‘most favorite film’ award we need to get the highest number of votes uwu so it would mean a lot of you would click this link to vote (one vote per person only)

lemme write a tut since it’s in indonesian lol

  1. scroll a little bit down
  2. in the left sidebar, just below the visitor counter, there’s a polling, select ‘X IPA 2’ and click vote
  3. image
  4. you will be redirected to the results page and voila!!

it would really mean a lot if you would spend a few seconds or minutes to follow the steps above since my classmates and i have been working very hard on the movie for like months!! this is the movie in case you’re interested (also in indonesian i’m sorry)

thank you for reading and voting have a nice day:))

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cherry blossoms in Chidorigafuchi #8 (by cate♪)


cherry blossoms in Chidorigafuchi #8 (by cate♪)

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Sasuke/Sakura or Naruto/Hinata — asked cloudnin

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When an expecting mother is exposed to the light of the tsukihami, her child will be drained of colour and after the child is born, exposure to sunlight will cause marks like a burn. One of your daughters must have avoided the eclipse’s influence because the other child shielded her from the light.

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I just hit 1,000 followers and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. I started to be a more active Naruto blog since last summer and I never would have thought that I would reach this many followers or meet so many weird wonderful people. So for reaching this milestone, I have decided to make a follow forever to thank these amazing blogs <33

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